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Q&A We will introduce the questions we have received so far.

Q.What is the difference between chiropractic and manipulative treatment?


A. Chiropractic is a general term for the act of adjusting the body. In Japan, there is recognition that there is chiropractic technology in manipulative technology. Chiropractic is considered a private medical practice in Japan, but it has already been enacted in more than 40 countries around the world, and has national qualifications, assuring the same status as general doctors.

again,Unlike general manipulative treatment, we also perform gymnastics, sleep, diet therapy, etc.

Q.What do chiropractors do?


A. At our hospital, we first provide counseling to patients who are undergoing treatment for the first time.

After explaining the mechanism of the body and checking the distortion, we will loosen the muscles and adjust the balance of the body according to the patient's concerns. We suggest stretches tailored to the patient and advise on how to improve lifestyle habits.

Q.Is chiropractic a national qualification?


A. Currently, it is not a national qualification in Japan. It is recognized as one of the folk remedies.

Q. Can people of any age receive chiropractic treatment?


A. There is no age group that cannot practice chiropractic techniques, but depending on the progress of the symptoms, there may be options that are more burdensome to the patient, such as muscle and myofascial release, osteopathy, and osteopathy, which work on the muscles and the human body. With few techniques, anyone can receive treatment.

Q.Is your treatment safe?


A.The doctors of our clinic are members of JCA and JCCE, unlike ordinary clinics that operate independently without any restrictions. Based on the consensus, we have them comply with extremely strict self-regulation rules. Furthermore, unlike schools, we have a system to improve skills and knowledge throughout our lives, so we are confident in safety.


Q. What kind of manual therapy is myofascial release?


A.Because it is performed on the net-like fibers (fascia) that wraps the muscles, it is like a slow and gentle stretch.

Q. How is it different from normal stretching?


A.Since normal stretching is done for a part of the muscle, the joint is used as a fulcrum and extended several times so that the muscle in that part can be stretched well. is slowly pulled over 90 seconds in the three-dimensional direction.

Q.Does it hurt?


A.The pain is almost unnoticeable because the pressure is pulled slowly. If you apply force due to pain, the fascia will not stretch, so the strength should be adjusted according to the recipient.

Q.Is it effective for low back pain?


A.The distortion of the pelvis is also eliminated, so the balance of the body is improved and the symptoms that caused pain are improved.


Will my QO legs get better?


The cause of AO legs is an imbalance in muscle tension in the legs. Myofascial release is very effective because it releases the tension in the extensor and flexor muscles at the same time.

Q.Is it possible to make a reservation on the same day? Are there any busy times?
A.We accept same-day reservations. Hot Pepper Beauty can be booked online 24 hours a day. Weekday afternoons are relatively empty.
Q.I would like to change my reservation.
A. Please let us know by the day before if you want to change your reservation.
Q.Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel on the day or the day before?
A. We do not charge a cancellation fee for in-hospital treatments, but a travel fee will be charged for cancellations made at the doctor's office.
Q.Can I use a credit card?
A.Currently, we accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners, and Discover.
Q.I have a small child. Are you okay with me?
A.It is okay because our hospital is a completely private room.
Q. I am pregnant. Will there be any problems?
A.Our motto is to provide treatments that suit each individual. Even if you are pregnant, we will provide thorough counseling and examinations to ensure a pain-free treatment. Before giving birth, we do not perform pelvic correction, and only treat the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. Prenatal care is important for those who want to maintain a beautiful figure after childbirth.
Q.Is there a case where I cannot receive the treatment?
A.Those who determine that treatment at a medical institution is necessary at the time of counseling cannot receive treatment. However, in our clinic, we can support not only chiropractic technology but also nutrition and exercise. Please contact us first.
Q. How often should I receive the treatment?
A. As a guideline for the first time, it is once a week. In our clinic, we will treat each person individually. In addition, we will propose exercises that can be practiced at home to remove distortion, well-balanced nutrition, and the correct sleep environment. It is up to you to practice. So the pace of receiving treatment is different for each person.
Q.Is there anything I should prepare?
A. We have treatment clothes available, but the number is limited, so please come in clothes that are easy to receive treatment. Women are welcome to bring their own towels.

Q.It is said that there is only one parking lot.
A.It would be great if you could let us know when you make your first reservation. Coin parking is also available in the surrounding area.
Q. Please tell me what kind of procedure you use in the treatment of the lumbar spine.
A. At our clinic, we do not decide which technique to use depending on the part. We mainly use osteopathy, chiropractic, manipulation, and myofascial release, but there are many other techniques. .
It is decided on the spot on the day depending on the number of examinations and treatments every time.
If you wish, we will explain what number and direction to adjust when correcting.
I will also briefly explain the adjustment procedure.
Q. Please tell me about the corrective techniques (chiropractic techniques) that you use.
A. I mainly use Thomson, Ganstedt, Diversified, and Instrument, but I also use other techniques. We do not always use chiropractic techniques for every treatment, and we will adjust when we judge that there is a subluxation or consider the patient's physical strength.
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