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​Posture correction clinic POLOKA

Name: Posture Correction Clinic POLOKA

Location: 2-4-7 Kukihigashi, Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture

Meat bar 2nd floor

​ Parking: None

Treatment tables: 3

A yoga studio, personal training gym, beauty salon, and meat bar (restaurant).

*Recruiting Chiropractors

​Posture correction clinic POLOKA

​ A 2-minute walk from the east exit that can be seen from Kuki Station, where you can experience the latest chiropracticGeneral health facility.

with UPBThrough collaboration, you can also experience yoga and personal training, so you can correct your posture with chiropractic and manipulative training, train your body with personal training, and prepare your mind with yoga.

​There are few facilities in Japan that combine real chiropractic and professional personal training.



Reception and accounting.

Credit card (JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, VISA, Master Card) or Pay Pay.

​When using a locker, please receive the key at the reception.

​ Equipped with a hydrogen water server, users can drink as much as they want.


Changing room (male/female)

Large changing rooms with separate showers for men and women.

Any ​ user can use the shower.

​ You can go home refreshed after exercising or commuting.

​The locker has a key for your peace of mind.

​Equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, cotton swabs, etc.


Posture analysis space

Posture analysis from four directions.

By analyzing the distortion pattern from the whole, we find the root cause other than the affected area.

​InBody also performs nutritional analysis and height measurement in the body.

​ You can see the changes in the treatment not only physically, but also visually and numerically.


Treatment space/Rest bed

An orthodontic chiropractic bed.

I use it for pelvic correction, spine correction, and stress.

Each room is separated by heavy curtains and partitions to protect privacy and create a calm space.

There are two rest beds, and you can also experience beauty treatments.

​After the treatment is over, this rest room will give your nerves a rest.

お問い合わせはこちらから TEL:080-4179-8368

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