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Our clinic finds the cause of the problem through a thorough interview and a detailed examination of each part. Treatment is based on chiropractic technology that cares from the skeleton, and corrects your body beautifully and gently with all hands.

In addition, advice on lifestyle habits (sleep, diet, exercise, breathing) will be used to improve posture and physical constitution, and coordination will be tailored to each individual, from basic care for symptoms to prevention of recurrence and maintenance of a healthy life.

Are you worried about these symptoms?

I want to improve my straight neck
​ I'm worried about the distortion of my pelvis
    I suffer from stiff shoulders and lower back pain
I'm worried about my posture

the autonomic nervous system is disturbed
I want to do prenatal and postnatal maintenance
​ Poor child posture
I can't get tired even if I rest
can't sit straight
painful with a headache
It is easy to strain your back
poor sleep
I can't go on a diet
my heart feels fuzzy
family is not well
I want my body to be strong

I am concerned about facial distortion. . .

Unfortunately, we cannot meet such expectations and requests.


*Those who want a strong massage.

* Everything is left up to the teacher, and he wants to fix it himselfwho make no effort

* Those who cannot cancel without notice or cannot keep the reservation time

* Treatment at a medical institution during counseling

If deemed necessary

The problem may be the distortion of the posture! ?

Distortion of the body (spine, pelvis, muscles)causes nerve compression. When the autonomic nerves that are connected to the internal organs are stressed, various symptoms can be aggravated due to the malfunction of the internal organs.

When the systemic nerves that connect to the muscles are stressed, motor function disorders appear.

Chronic disease approx.20,000 diseases are caused by the distortion of the body (spine, pelvis, muscles)It is said. The reason lies in the relationship between the spine and nerves. Many of the distortions are created by bad living conditions (diet, exercise, sleep, breathing, mind, posture, etc.).


​spirit of primary care

At our clinic, we will give you a thorough explanation according to each person's symptoms and causes, correct the distortion of the whole body, and give advice on how to improve bad lifestyle habits.

Therefore, after the treatment, we will do gymnastics as necessary, give guidance on diet and sleep environment, and sometimes go over time.

Most of the symptoms that you are worried about now are caused by casual lifestyle habits. Would you like to correct your posture and make a living habit of the root cause?

chiropractic treatment effect

1. Straighten the distorted spine and restore movement.

2. Relieve pressure and irritation on nerves.

3. The functions of the internal organs and various organs are improved.

4. Balance the muscles and ligaments that support the spine.

5.Promote the circulation of blood, lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body.

6.It increases the resistance of the body and prevents illness.

7. There are no side effects like drugs.


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​Study abroad at a university in the United States, the home of chiropractic

The director went on a short-term study abroad program to Texas Chiropractic College (equivalent to graduate school), a prestigious chiropractic college (medical school), and learned about human anatomy, theory, technology, and ethics locally with Dr. Yvette Nadeau, Dr. Lawrence R Smith, and Robert. I am studying under top-notch chiropractors, medical doctors, and chemists such as Dr. Routh. ​


Difference between chiropractic and chiropractic

Chiropractic can be said to be a type of manipulative treatment in Japan, as the general term for work that prepares the body is called manipulative treatment. There are various manipulative treatments in Japan, and the techniques, lifestyle guidance, tests, and theories used differ depending on the manipulative clinic.

A person who practices chiropractic is called a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are active in 90 United Nations member states and are legalized in about 67 countries.WHO (World Health Organization) is the only medical treatment among manual therapyI admit it, and this is not recognized by the nationally qualified manual therapy in the country.

Chiropractors in developed countries are recognized as doctors who do not use drugs or surgery..More than half of chiropractors in Japan belong to the Japan Chiropractic Association (JCA), to which chiropractors who meet the regulations in Japan belong.Under the guidance, common theories, examinations, techniques, and lifestyle guidance are provided.


Chiropractic techniques may have the image of being painful to correct bones, but almost no one feels pain during treatment at our clinic.

At our clinic, we aim to provide gentle orthodontic techniques so that even small children can attend without worry, and there are no dangerous techniques. Each patient has a different cause. We will listen carefully to your story and perform a treatment that suits each individual through counseling.

I am doing the following activities

​We are conducting activities to convey the importance of posture at schools, welfare facilities, and children's cafeterias.

​ I will go to volunteers such as talking about posture and gymnastics classes.


Overseas business trips and treatments for celebrities

​Overseas, we partner with hospitals with the latest medical equipment and work in limited facilities in developing countries.

It is popular with celebrities, business people, and professional athletes, and we have them come to Kuki City to perform treatments.



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