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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a method of correcting (adjusting) abnormalities (subluxation) of the human skeletal structure, especially the spine and pelvis, using the hands, improving the body's neurophysiological functions, and promoting health through self-healing power. It is a study and treatment method that contributes to the recovery and enhancement of In a broad sense, it is a therapeutic method that includes gymnastics, diet, and physical therapy, and its specialists are called chiropractors, and in Europe and the United States, they are promised the same qualifications and status as general doctors.

First-class athletes such as track and field athlete Bolt, basketball Michael Jordan, and golf Tiger Woods contract with a dedicated chiropractor, and they receive treatment and adjust their bodies from regular diet and exercise advice. I will come. There is also data that motor nerves go up after correction.

Chiropractic in Japan has a strong image of orthodontic correction, but the latest chiropractic has gentle technology and can be performed regardless of age, from a 3-month-old baby to a 100-year-old.

Chiropractic as preventive medicine

Chiropractic, which normalizes nerve transmission, restores visceral function, and enhances natural healing power, also plays a major role in preventing disease and aging. Overseas, many celebrities such as professional athletes, amateur athletes, and politicians, as well as the general public, receive chiropractic care to maintain their health and prevent illness.

Isn't there something that should be done before getting sick rather than treating it?

History of chiropractic

Chiropractic is a new medical treatment discovered by DD Palmer (Daniel David Palmer 1845-1913) more than 100 years ago in the United States. Chiropractic is Palmer's friend. Named by Samuel Weed. DD Palmer was researching the root causes of human disease. In my research, I was looking at Harvey Lillard's symptoms of being deaf for 17 years. During an examination of the spine, it was discovered that the vertebrae were raised and had lumps. D.D. Palmer thought that putting the vertebra back in place would restore his hearing. That was on September 18, 1895, the moment when chiropractic was first born in the world.



"Subluxation" is a unique concept in human body recognition in chiropractic. Its definition is ``A subluxation is a modulation of the normal kinematic, anatomical, and physiological relationships of adjacent joint structures. 』

In simple terms, when you look at a joint, there is sluggishness, structural distortion, neurophysiological pain, heat, and stiffness. When this happens, we determine that a subluxation is occurring. This subluxation has various effects on the human body.

A spine that has changed roles

The distant ancestors of humans are said to be four-legged animals. At that time, the spine was parallel to the ground and straight, playing the role of a beam in a house. The pillars are supported by a base called the pelvis. If the foundation is tilted, it is natural that the pillar will be distorted. That is the cause of many subluxations.

At our clinic, we examine not only the painful part, but also the overall distortion to correct the distorted pillar, and after correcting the pelvis, which is the foundation, we adjust the subluxation. It is also said that the pelvis is not suitable for bipedal walking. Therefore, it is said that it warps by 17/1000 mm per day, and daily care is also important.

post-operative care

For bone distortion due to daily lifestyle habits, we provide comprehensive advice on lifestyle habits, such as daily exercise and physical therapy such as improving sleep environment from nutritional aspects, in addition to treatment. By practicing little by little in your daily life, you will support the maintenance and improvement of your health.


Just by receiving treatment, you may see temporary changes in your body, but your physical condition will not improve unless you improve your underlying bad lifestyle habits. One of the chiropractic treatments is to review the bad lifestyle habits that are common in modern society. In accordance with the treatment, we will guide you to maintain and improve your health by reviewing your daily lifestyle.
In order to maintain good health, our hospital proposes a comprehensive guidance method that includes nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, and physical therapy. It's up to you to practice it or not.

Cairo Philosophy + Nutrition Case Commentary

* Distortion check sheet present for applicants


Nerves send instructions to each organ and muscle, making them work without being conscious of it. The nerve is protected by the spine, but when the spine is distorted, it puts pressure on the nerve.

Then the instructions from the nerves will not go well. Organs and muscles become dysfunctional.

Hypofunction causes the immune system to become weaker or unable to function normally.


The distortion check sheet allows you to check what kind of symptoms are likely to be caused by spinal distortion and nerve compression.

bad habits that distort the body

Standing with your weight on one leg, crossing your legs, using your smartphone with your head down, lifting heavy objects, doing abrupt exercise, always holding a bag in the same hand, sitting for a long time with a computer or driving, sitting cross-legged, being soft Sofas and beds, sleeping in the same direction, high pillows, etc.


The distortion of the body that is now is made from normal life habits. Poor posture gradually distorts the spine, eventually causing discomfort and making it difficult to heal the discomfort that should be cured.

Also, it's not good to keep the same posture. If you are sitting for a long time, it is a good idea to get up and move your body about once an hour.


Having the right posture also uses the least amount of energy. Be aware of the natural S-curve of your spine. If you have a bad posture at work, let's reset it to a beautiful spine with the correct stretching.

We will suggest stretches that you can do at home that are suitable for each person.

A disease that may occur as a complication due to functional decline due to nerve compression

C1 Nervous breakdown, insomnia, hemiplegia, hysteria, neurological disease, dizziness
C2headache, whiplash, torticollis, uremia
C3 Hearing loss, eye disease, shoulder stiffness, nasal disease
C4 trigeminal neuralgia, amblyopia, gastroparesis, dental disease, ear disease, tonsillitis
C5 Whiplash, bronchial asthma, laryngeal disease
C6 goiter, asthma, Basedow's disease
C7 Arteriosclerosis, general heart disease, whiplash, stomach pain, bronchitis, upper extremity disease

T1 pectoral muscle, headache disorders, hypertension, endocarditis, pericarditis, emphysema
T2 heart disease in general, arteriosclerosis, lack of milk
T3 pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy, pneumonia, temporary asphyxia
T4 liver disease, hyperacidity, deficiency, diabetes, jaundice, stiff neck
T5 General stomach disease, diarrhea, chills, pancreatitis
T6 Stomach disease, thrombosis, general kidney disease, intercostal neuralgia, indigestion, etc.
T7 stomach disease, stomach ulcer, anorexia
T8 General liver disease, diabetes, dyspepsia
T9 polio, leg paralysis, gallstones, visceral disease
T10 Kidney disease in general, rheumatism, anemia
T11 valvular stenosis, diabetes, hyperemia
T12 Urinary incontinence, diarrhea, febrile illness, koshike

L1 General gastrointestinal disease, constipation, nervous exhaustion
L2 dermatitis, anemia, infertility, liver disease
L3 Ovarian disease, menopause, general uterine disease, genital disease, urethritis
L4 Constipation, low back pain, sciatica, knee joint disease, hemorrhoids, difficulty walking
L5 Hemorrhoids, rheumatism, local paralysis, cold legs, rectal bleeding, uterine disease

S・CO Bladder, rectal, genital disorders, sciatica, neurological disorders

C is the cervical spine, T thoracic spine, L lumbar spine, S and CO are the sacrum and coccyx. When you have these symptoms, you often have a subluxation in your spine.

If the pressure on the nerves due to subluxation is left unattended, commands will not be delivered to the organs beyond that, and healing will be delayed. In addition, the cured symptoms often reappear, making the symptoms worse.

By receiving not only symptomatic treatment such as drugs and surgery, but also chiropractic, which is the fundamental treatment, we aim to improve the passage of nerves and change from the constitution of the body.

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