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About the flow of the first visit

※Our clinic is a complete reservation system.

The first session takes about 120 minutes.

​Please bring a copy of your medical certificate or x-rays related to the reason for your visit.

At our clinic, we change the contents of the treatment according to the customer's condition.

​Introducing an example of the flow of the first treatment.

① Fill in the medical questionnaire.

symptoms of concern or​ Fill in your health history and lifestyle habits. I will use it as a reference for the treatment, so please let me know as much as possible.

② Counseling about the symptoms you are worried about now.

Based on the questionnaire you filled out, we will ask you detailed parts and detailed background. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.


③ Movement test + posture analysis + constitution analysis + chiropracticExamination + neurological examination. . .

We will examine the distortion of the spine and pelvis, and the point of burden that can be seen from the overall posture.

A range of motion test will identify problem areas.

InBody is used to examine nutrients, water content, muscle mass, body fat, etc. by body part.


④ I'm going to do the treatment while explaining it.

Based on the test results, we will explain using photos of posture and skeletal models.

The contents of the treatment are changed according to the symptoms, and we combine a wide variety of manual therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy, and stretching.


⑤ Check for any changes after the treatment.

I'm going to repeat the test that was positive before the treatment. By seeing the changes after surgery, you can understand the body's healing power and condition.


⑥ Take a 20-minute break on the posture correction mat to maintain your posture.

Resting my nerves. The muscles memorize the shape in 20 minutes, so you can create a body that is hard to strain.

Enhance your healing power with a special posture correction mat.

⑦Explanation of future treatment policy ・Care method at home

Determine the number and frequency of treatments.

​We will suggest ways to stretch and ingenuity to create a body that is less likely to distort in daily life.

Our clinic uses static palpation. This is a palpation method in which the patient is fixed in each position. This is the most commonly used method in Japan. Other orthopedic tests include Belt Test, Hip, Sacral Test, Valsalva, Milgram, Ruins Supine, SLR, Braggard, WLR/Kemptest, Kenzren, Naclas, Yeoman...etc.

Currently, most chiropractors in the United States use XP to detect subluxations, and this palpation method is also valued as an important spinal examination method. It is able to detect many muscle abnormalities on both sides of the spine that even XP cannot detect.

​treatment fee

・Menu/price/approximate time


● First time [including counseling, examination, exercise therapy, and physical therapy]

○ Chiropractic Posture Correction ………… 13,200 yen

The first time is about 120 minutes including examination and counseling.

the customer's attitudeI will analyze and explain.

○Beauty chiropractic correction……………… ¥22,000

When adjusting the body, treatment is performed while adjusting the distortion of the face.

Posture correction, temporomandibular joint adjustment, and facial muscle adjustment.

● Return menu

Chiropractic Posture Correction … 8, 800 yen

Student Discount …………………… 5, 500 Yen


From the second time onwards, we charge 60 to 80 minutes.

​The content of the treatment changes depending on the customer's condition on that day.

● Option menu

Jaw joint/face balance adjustment...…………2,200 yen

​ Abdominal/visceral manipulation…2,200 yen


●Beauty menu

cosmetic chiropractic correction……16,500 yen

●Business trip menu

○Business tripMenu price, negotiable

Coupon ticket for 10 times Expiration date 6 months

Posture correction ticket …………………………49,500 yen

Beauty Chiropractic Coupon Ticket……¥88,000

Same day reservation possible​Book your treatment now


house call

*Currently, we are not accepting home visits due to an excessive number of reservations for general treatments.

Customers who have never visited our hospital cannot use home visits without a referral.

In the case of a home visit, a home visit fee is charged separately from the treatment fee.

Parking fee may be charged if there is no parking space at the home visit.

We will visit you at your home, work or school.

We accept from one person

The home visit fee is usually the treatment fee + the home visit fee.


​We are always accepting talks about attitudes toward school, requests for lectures, and volunteers.

exercise therapy
The pelvis and spine are distorted, and the posture collapses, causing the muscles to atrophy and compress the nerves. When nerve transmission is not normal, bodily functions decline. In order to maintain a normal state, we provide individualized instruction on simple exercises that can be done every day. ​

nutritional therapy
Even if you try to eat a well-balanced diet, it is difficult to get enough nutrients from food alone. Valuable nutrients that are difficult to supplement in daily diet can be taken in daily by ingesting supplements.

physical therapy
It is well known that sleep is important to our lives. As a daily care, we suggest that you lie on your back to relax, maintain an ideal sleeping posture that maintains the S-curve of your spine, and protect your well-aligned pelvis.

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